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2008-11-23 - FC WWV- Lokomotive Rühmann 7:1 "Report in English"

Many thanks to Martin Prowse from the "Vienna Horns of Scotland" for the translation !!

*FC Lokomotive Ruehmann outclassed by Wiener Waldhornverein 7-1*

FC Lokomotive Ruehmann had no chance against FC WWV. The hornplayers continued their victory roll and outclassed the efforts of the highly motivated FC Lokomotive Ruehmann 7-1. The score would have been higher if the ball hadn’t smashed into the aluminium 3 times.

The coffee shop kickers with their slimmed-down captain Mucky Traar fielded a strong team. Gindelhumer, Stecker, Steinhart, Buchmann and the throw-in fetishist formed the core, and in addition there was some strong defence. Tactically, Lok Ruehmann played a defensive game (5-4-1) with Buchmann going it alone up front. Mucky "the Cat" also attacked and for the first 2 minutes could be observed in a few fine sprints.

FC WWV also fielded a strong team, despite the absence of players such as Erdei, Gilg, Kulmer and Holpfer. The latter is a demon and his sports spectacles alone inspire fear in his opponents. Still the team had top class players in all positions.

They assumed a 4-4-2 approach with the centre backs defensive wall of "Peda and Peda" who had already had the opportunity in Edzell to get to know each other at close quarters. Left and right backs were Il Presidente F. Janezic and Marianne "the new scythe" Koegel alternating with Markus Nemanja Obmann, who also played in midfield.

In the thick of it all were Penzinger (who for all of 3 seconds at the beginning of the match was chased by Mucky "The Spider") and Wegleitner; racing up and down like weasels on the wings were pumpkin-seed oil supercharged Loeschberger and Lukas Peisteiner who left the Ruehmann wingers standing like roadside standpipes.

Strikers were Balkan bomber Sadikovic and Ronald Rooney Janezic, unrecognisable as ever in FC WWV… no sudden rages, no roars of anger, just now and then meaningful glances at his brother when something happened that was not 100% to his satisfaction.

The treacherous, mean, despicable action of the "impartial" umpire came just before half-time … Rooney starts an attacking dash, puts the opposition out of action with an inspired trick that could not be bettered (unless it was by his brother who at that moment was disabled by a blow to the ribs) and aims for goal … the field was wide open … then the umpire’s whistle for half-time … the despairing cry of "You must be f***** crazy" will probably still be resounding round the Poilizeiplatz at the start of the swimming season in spring 2009.

Half-time score was 3-0 to WWV…Lok Ruehmann occasionally got a shot at the hornists’ goal, but never presented a real threat.

The second half began with a change of tactics…Mucky "the Cat" was neutralised by his opposite number, Marianne Koegel, who put an end to his rare offensive activities. Marianne took the frustrated team captain apart; sometimes she resorted to no-holds-barred, sometimes it was enough just to be faster on the ball…meanwhile the goals accumulated and FC WWV pulled away to 5-0…Lok Ruehmann missed a penalty (out of a sense of respect we’ll not say who took the shot) before Buchmann salvaged some honour by scoring when half the hornists’ defence was up-field on the attack (a lack of discipline which apparently is difficult to subdue!!).

But the score didn’t remain at 5-1; 2 more goals secured an easy victory. The Wiener Waldhornverein remains unbeaten and scored 23 goals in the two 2008 matches, conceding only one…against Lok Ruehmann this was the best result in 5 games. FC Lok Ruehmann won one match, with the hornists gaining 4 victories… an indoor tournament is planned for the winter and it will be full speed ahead into 2009 and the new season.

Worth noting was the first public appearance, together with sister and mascot, Magdalena, of recently signed talented young hopeful Amy Janezky as a guest at this match, and she entertained the enthusiastic crowd with her antics. To roars of approval from the onlookers she put on a short show behind goal, running rings round the mascot, throwing herself with lightning speed on the ball, rolling over on it. On another occasion she completely fooled the mascot by…doing absolutely nothing…a stroke of genius!!!! Magdalena, gave up in disgust. If Amy is capable of demoralising her opponents in the same way she will be worth every penny!!! For the rest of the match the mascot, Magdalena, mooched around casually and youthfully in the stands…drawing and reading a book...being cool, as young people are…towards the middle of the second half, under the dazzling camera flashes of the international press, both mascot and Amy Janezky disappeared into the nearby VIP club.